"Let's Digiscope"

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                             BE INSPIRED!!                                       BE INSPIRED!!be

                             If your club, society, or group is looking for an

             educational and inspirational talk on Digiscoping

                                         Then look no further...


Learn everything from how to correctly set up your tripod, scope, and camera through to composition, taking advantage of the lighting (not always great), learning field craft. all the time viewing some fantastic images to demonstrate each subject.

Most of my talks have been to local bird groups but I recently gave a talk to what was possibly the greatest gathering of the worlds best Digiscopers (slightly nervously i must say) in Florida USA.

The talk generally lasts for approx 90 mins with an interval half way through.

Please contact me for price and more info if required. 


I recently attended a Barnsley Bird Study Group meeting with an illustrated talk given by Justin.

The lecture was superbly presented by someone who is clearly at the top of his game, yet put across in such a way that ensured it was informative to beginner or long time Digiscoper alike. Having explained exactly what Digiscoping is about Justin then took us through the various stages of his own efforts giving us a variety of tips and tricks that he has picked up along the way, most useful indeed.

The photos used to illustrate the talk where of a high quality throughout but as the lecture neared the end a batch of images taken with his latest equipment were displayed and these where simply breathtaking. In just over a hour we were treated to a Digiscoping education and photographic bonanza combined, and I can only recommend that you attend. Should Justin ever be doing a lecture in your area, you wont be disappointed. 

                                                                                                                                                                     john Hewitt

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Scarborough Birders are proud of the fact that Justin did his very first talk on Digiscoping to our members. I knew we'd be treated to some stunning photography and WOW he certainly delivered, he also gave a very down to earth talk explaining how digiscoping has evolved over the years. He brought his equipment along so we could see first hand how it all fits together and explained in details how he achieves such fantastic results. Justin, as he explained loves a challenge and not only attempts bird flight shots but even succeeds in doing insects in flight, truly amazing!! 

So if your looking for an inspirational talk, something different, then Justin is your man! 

Get him booked right away.  

                                                                                                                                                                     Nick  Addey