3 Best Camera For Digiscoping

Digiscoping involves shots taken with a digital camera attached to a spotting scope via an adapter or handheld. For Digiscoping, the preferred cameras are those with no more than 5x optical zoom as it minimizes vignetting. Most of the manufacturers do not make a point and shoot camera mainly that goes with their scope and digital camera adapter. Furthermore, new cameras come on the market now and then, and perfectly nice ones are often discontinued. This makes it challenging for you to know the best camera to purchase when you go out for shopping. Here is a look at the three best cameras for Digiscoping. 


Nikon P5000 is currently the top best camera for Digiscoping. It has a large monitor, image stabilization and a UR-E20 adapter. This offers a handy 28mm thread for use on several Digiscoping adapters. Lots of digiscopers use cameras from the old Nikon Coolpix range including 880, 885,950,990,995 and the 4500. They use ideal geometry lenses suitable for Digiscoping, as the lens unit is close to the front of the camera. 


Canon A95, the latest ‘A’ series, is one of the best choices for Digiscoping. Canon produces an add-on lens adapter, and you will need it for adding a Digiscoping adapter. However, you may require step-down rings to attach to a Digiscoping adapter, which are readily available. I would not recommend the canon ‘G’ series as it gives a lot of vignetting with most of the eyepieces. But in case you already have one, you can try and use a low magnification long eye-relief eyepiece. Canon sd4000is is also a perfect Digiscoping camera.


The 8mp new D-Lux 2 Leica camera has emerged to be one of the best for Digiscoping. This new camera is already being used by several digiscopers around the world and looks impressive. It is easy to digiscope with without going into menus, you just take the shot – take a look on this article on what is a digiscope

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